Handyman’s Humble Origins

Back in the day, and still today in many instances, the handyman may have been dismissed as nothing more than a low-grade, low or minimum wage worker, unqualified and expected to do menial jobs that no-one, not professionals nor customers, could be bothered to do. But if only that much were true. Today’s handyman in colorado springs co will no doubt be held in high esteem owing to his willingness and ability to do jobs that no-one else really can do, not essentially owing to a lack of ability and/or resources but purely for reasons related to time and business.

You know what they say. Time is money. Nothing much has changed, except to say that it seems to have become faster. Time. The clock keeps on ticking. Faster and faster. These days people want jobs done yesterday. Are they being unreasonable, particularly if they have been guilty of putting things off to the last moment. They may also be guilty of that other piece of business advice. If you have not got the time, then make the time. But true be it that this is easier said than done, because even if you knew how to do the job in the first place, you would be wasting your own good time.

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Be a good and diligent housekeeper any day of the week, and still, you simply cannot seem to get things done. Come the weekend, what started out as a light touch up here and there ends up taking you the whole darn day to get done. And there goes your weekend again, crash bang into Monday. Yet another blue Monday. In the time it takes you to complete a task, it takes them substantially less than half. And time is money…